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We currently have 32 classes per week in our Ballroom. However, for a Wedding we would recommend the following classes:

American Style Ballroom
Monday 7:15pm
American Style Latin
Monday 8:00pm
International Style Latin
Tuesday 8:00pm
International Style Ballroom
Tuesday 8:45pm
Ballroom Basics
Thursday 8:45pm
Beginner Club Dances
Thursday 8:45pm
Beginning Salsa

Friday 8:00pm

Beginning Ballroom/Latin/Club - Dances Rotate Weekly
Saturday 7:15pm
Beginning West Coast Swing
Sunday 7:15pm

Classes are a great way to supplement your private lessons. Although, for a custom wedding dance, privates will be necessary, classes will get you used to dancing together, learn about frame, posture, lead/follow, music, thus saving time in your private lessons.

Want to schedule lessons, need help or have questions - please fill out the form and we'll get back to you right away!

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